The MAGNUM: Extreme Duty Forklift Magnet



Customers asked for a super-wide and super-strong sweeper to clean up bulk metal trash and the smallest pieces of ferrous metal from their worksites. Ideal for steel fabrication facilities, scrap yards and anywhere larger, heavy ferrous metal is an issue.

The “Magnum”. Featuring a triple stack of the strongest magnets available , the “Magnum” Forklift Magnet sweeper is perfectly suited to pick up scrap metal, banding, wire, nails and pieces of plate steel from any terrain.

  • Oversized Fork Pockets:
  • Double Stacked C-8 Ceramic Magnets for Maximum Lifting Power
    6.75” I.D. Clamp Down Quickly on Forklift Forks
  • May Also be Suspended via Attached Eyebolts
  • Lifts Nails up to 6” from Surface
  • Heavy Duty Hinged Release Plate for Easy Removal of Material!


Select from drop-down menu below size choices of 36″, 48″, 60″, 72″, 84″


Model Size Base Area Lifting Power Mounts Ctr-Ctr Ship Wt.
M-36 3″x5″x36″ 180 sq. in. 325 lbs. 25″ 72 lbs.
M-48 3″x5″x48″ 240 sq. in. 450 lbs. 30″ 95 lbs.
*Lifting power is measured using a solid steel bar

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