Magnetic Nail Sweeper with Load Release


The power packed Magnetic Nail Sweeper is the perfect hand-held industrial magnet for a variety of jobs and will pick up ferrous metal such as nails, screws, small tools , bottle capsetc.. from any surface, rough or smooth, inside or out! Lightweight, easy to use and economical!


The Magnetic Nail Sweeper with Load Release comes in two handy sizes, 11” and 20” in length. Both magnets have a convenient Load Release feature. Simply pull the “t” on the top of the handle and accumulated metal falls right off. High Strength Aluminum housing and Highest Strength Grade 8 permanent magnets allow this unit to pick up metal over 2” from the ground!

Magnetic Nail Sweeper Specifications
Model Magnet Width Handle Lifting Capacity Weight
11″ Nail Sweeper 11″ 31″ 20 lb 4 lbs
20″ Nail Sweeper 20″ 31″ 30 lbs 6 lbs

Additional information

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