Equestrian Facilities and Fairgrounds

Horse arenas and equestrian facilities are loaded with small ferrous metal which can seriously harm animals.  Fairgrounds are littered with steel trash which can harm both people and animals.


Horse arenas, tracks and fairgrounds are consistently littered with nails, wire mesh, fencing residual and small, sharp metal which are very difficult to remove using conventional methods.  Magnetic sweepers both suspension mount and push style, are ideal for removing and clearing high traffic areas quickly and effectively.


  • Remove and clear lethal ferrous metal before it can harm people or animals.
  • Avoid lawsuits, veterinarian bills and loss of use.
  • Simplify event clean-up.

Did you know?

  • Just having horseshoes does not guarantee against small, sharp metal becoming lodged in the hooves.
  • Animals can ingest metal in their feed.
  • Fairgrounds and racetrack are notorious for having stray tramp metal strewn about.